Who we are

Sint is an innovative AI-driven recruiting platform that revolutionizes how businesses identify and hire powerful talents. We provide objective, bias-free applicant assessments by combining cutting-edge technology with human-centered design. This allows organizations to make well-informed hiring decisions and build diverse, productive teams.

Sint was established in 2023 because of the belief that hiring might be done more effectively. Traditional approaches are prone to unconscious bias, subjective, and slow. Our goal is to use AI to make hiring practices more equitable, effective, and data-driven.


Our Vision

We see a world in which businesses and talent can easily connect with one click. Sint automates the hiring process, removing bias, increasing efficiency, and building real relationships between employers and their ideal applicants with Smart AI and human-centered design. In the workplace of the future, people reach their greatest potential and businesses create bright, diverse teams with every click.

Our Mission

The aim is to transform the hiring process by utilizing AI-driven, efficient hiring solutions that eliminate bias and create diverse, productive teams. This will enable both employers and job seekers to succeed in an equitable and human-centered workplace of the future.

Our Core Values


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